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The complete restoration service for your classic Italian car - from ALFA ROMEO . ABARTH . AUTOBIANCHI . FIAT . FERRARI . LANCIA . MASERATI

...and not forgetting the Lancia Augusta, Aprilia, Aurelia, Appia, Fulvia, Flaminia, Flavia, Beta and Delta, all of which are close to our own hearts!

We treat every car we work on as if it were one of our own cars. We keep a detailed photography file while we are working on a car, and we can send owners close-ups of the car at as many stages of the repair as we can. That way, you can see everything we have done and check that the work is progressing how you want it to.

With rust it is especially important that the various stages of the work be photographed, for your own peace of mind - but also so that you have evidence if you come to sell the car that the work has been done properly. It is much more reassuring, if you are selling a Lancia that has been painted, to be able to prove to the buyer that the rust has not just been painted over or ‘bodged’.


We offer a bespoke service for the classic car owner. We offer:

Just a few of the
Just a few of the
Just a few of the

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